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Another SPC Batch 1983 member visited Austin, Texas on November, 2012.
Rigel and Mauro played hosts to this classmate and created this video:

For faster internet connection, you can choose 1080p HD or 720p HD.


Part 2 below:



Nick Pongos visited Austin, Texas Nov. 8-10, 2010 and wasted no time in catching up with the good ole days at SPC. I'll let the video show you what went on during his much appreciated visit : A 3 parts version is also available here.

This is a 25-minute interview. The 3-part series will allow you to view one 7 or 8 minutes segment at a time then come back when you have another time to finish the whole video.

 please allow some time for video to download before pressing the play button for those with slow internet connections.

Vincent Velazquez (View)dropped by my city for a few minutes. We agreed to meet on the major interstate highway
and found Wendy's where we did our instant interview. The sound may be less appealing along with the shaky cam
but I believe the 10-minute video is worth it.
Vincent left SPC shortly after completing elementary but remained close to his grade 1 to grade 6 classmates after
that. Many of our high school classmates may not know him but those who know him during our elementary years
would surely be happy even just seeing him how he looks, talks and acts today, some 30 years after leaving SPC.

Video Interview with Gina Pongos-Quinain(View)
Mawing visited Gina Pongos-Quinain and got a chance to interview her despite her objections. Regine, her hija handled the camera while Balt,
her hubby and former media personality in the Philippines, acted as executive producer. Justin, their 8-yr old son, cheered his mom all the way.
It was spontaneous interview, no rehearsal and despite limited equiptment, we made a simple yet memorable video for all to enjoy. Filmed on
location in Orlando, Florida, USA.



Attendance Sheet

Want to read a tiny bit of the homecoming? Click here!!!

Click here for Reunion Pictures
Reunion photos courtesy of Mary Eileen Martinez & Shalimar On-Patalinghug & Rowena Valencia-Ceniza.

More Photos:
Click names to view: Cynthia Galza-Osada Selena Tugonon-Singuay Marissa Vivero-Curay
Ethel Navera-Pimentel

Click here for Old Times Photos
Thanks to Ed Kierulf for the Old Times Photos through the powerpoint presentation he did for the reunion.

Imagine, 25 Years !

Initial reports indicate a very successful affair hosted by SPC High School Batch 1983 and Batch 1958. Batch '83 officers and active members led by class president Dr. Rhoel Dejano deserve a standing ovation for their efforts.

Check back as more reports/photos come in!

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Field trips in and outside of Ormoc city are now easier for the whole SPC community with the acquisition of a brand new school bus earlier this year.

Dubbed the "holy bus" by the Ormoc Benedictine Community Sisters, the fully air-conditioned bus can accomodate almost 60 passengers mostly students, faculty and staff of SPC who, every now and then, must go on group tours as part of their scholastic activities.

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Order of St. Benedict. May be already assigned at the Benedictine school in Pampanga.







by Ken Q

Hi batchmates,

I received a call late last night from Corazon. She was calling from Singapore. True to a Ken-Corazon conversation, it carried on like a guessing game.

"Hello, Ken!"
"Hi Cor, kumusta ka na man, uy?"
"Maayo, guapa lang guihapon. Naa ko'y kauban nga dugay na mo nga wa magkita."
"Kinsa man?"
"Secret, guess who...Istorya usa mo..."
"Hello Ken, kumusta ka na man?"
"Hoy....Manji? Kumusta ka na man, bai?"

Corazon was in Singapore calling me with her cousin Manuel Bernas visiting! So, our conversation continued. I was so happy to hear from Manji, someone I have not spoken with for a long, long time. What was also strange was that I recognized Manji's voice immediately. We talked briefly about our kids, his health, his future plans, etc. We just had to cut our conversation off because they had to eat, na, and the phone was cutting.

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The Specialist


An all time favorite Ukrainian tale

by Chingbee Muñoz-Abad


When I was a little girl, when there was nothing to do in my grandparents house in Boroc, Ormoc City , I will go through each Book of Knowledge’s literary feature to read the stories.  There were only twenty volumes in a set, so I only had twenty stories to go over and over.  Speaking of Boroc---I wish I had the chance to research where the word come from---it is somewhat a stinky name, but the spitefulness of the place’s name is the opposite of its grandeurs.   The place was a paradise on Earth.  There were only a few of our batch mates who had the opportunity to see the place.  Gingging “Maila” Lasam Martin and Lilibeth Gotardo are some of the few.  I could not recall anymore who else had the chance to see my “paradise”. 

The house alone was more than thousand square meters big and two-story at that.  My house now is only the size of one bedroom in that palatial house.  My family has, let me say, this  habit of keeping houses sparkling clean.  Everything is required to sparkle.  Just imagine how many helps were needed.  The house was of western motif as my grandparents were influenced so much by what we call---imported.   We were even served food in a five star hotel fashion with so many pairs of spoons and forks at the plate side.  The garden---oh the garden---paradise is not enough a word to describe.  We had fruit trees all around.  Flowers, African daisies, bougainvillias, orchids…(no roses because my Lolamommy found it hard to maintain them), the grass mowed perfectly, they were there as if angels of God arranged them here on earth.  
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Mauro's Column
by Mauro P. Sios-e

Where were you the 5th of July, 2008? I know where I was during that day. I was not at SPC’s 94th General Alumni Homecoming activities in Ormoc city.  Boy, did I miss a lot by being elsewhere! “A huge SUCCESS,” says Shalimar “Imay” On-Patalinghug in her email report to the batch 1983 yahoo group.

It’s been over two weeks since the reunion jointly hosted by the 1983 and 1958 classes of SPC and news about the affair had barely leaked out.  What gives?  I thought it was the boredom that overwhelmed the attendees and telling the world about the affair was not really the first order of the day.  Jolly good, the opposite is simply true. 

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