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1994 Ormoc tragedy remembered


November 6 , 2006

Tacloban City (November 6) -- The 1994 Ormoc Tragedy was remembered yesterday amid concerns on the country biodiversity and amid preparations for the upcoming 10th ASEAN Ministerial Summit on Environment in Cebu on November 9-11, 2006.

The Ormoc Tragedy put into focus the result of environmental degradation. But what a costly way of making people realize the harm they are doing to Mother Nature. About 4,000 to 8,000 people, men, women, children, young and old alike perished instantly during the flashfloods which hit Ormoc City in the mid morning of 1994.

A civic leader who headed the Confederation of Non-Government Organizations of Leyte, said that the scene he saw right after the flash-flood will forever be etched in his mind - weeping mothers cleaning their mud-covered dead babies in the canals, children desperately looking for their families, heap of dead bodies filed along the shores of Ormoc Bay, cars washed away toward the sea.

He remembers how then Mayor Victoria Locsin labored day and night to oversee the rescue and relief operations and the burial of the thousands who were killed during the flashflood.

This civic leader said he will forever pray that the scene will never be repeated again. That can only be so, if the people especially the younger generation will never forget what happened as a reminder to each and everyone to do something in their own little ways in order to prevent the same tragedy from ever happening again.

At five o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, a memorial mass was held at the City's public cemetery officiated by the Parish Priest of Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Msgr. Bernie Pantin.

The Mass was attended by the city government officials led by Mayor Eric Codilla and Representative Eufrocino Codilla Sr., and the people of Ormoc.

After the mass, a procession was held at the Ormena Bridge where flowers and candles were offered in memory of those who perished in the tragedy.

As the civic leader said, for as long as people will remember the Ormoc Tragedy, for as long as people will remember to protect and respect Mother Nature and preserve it for the benefit of the future generation, the death of the thousands of people will not be in vain. (Philippine Information Agency- Region 8)





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Feature: Region 8 wonder boy is only 7 years old


July 25 , 2006


Tacloban city (July 25) -- meet the child prodigy of region 8-a seven year old boy who knows by heart, the capital of all the provinces of the Philippines, the capital of the all the different countries of the world, the flags of all nations and who could point where each province of the Region is in the map. And all these, he learned even before he entered school.

In a recent television interview, he said he is Joseph Benedict Amascual Cinco.

Child prodigy Benjo Cinco being interviewed by Panindugan host PIA Director Olive Tiu and NEDA Director Junie Gosoco (PIA-8)

Where does he live? "At Barangay Sto. Nino, Tanauan, Leyte."

Does he know the Mayor of Tanauan? "Yes, Mayor Roque Tiu. I will become a mayor like him."

Oh! What will you do when you become the Mayor of Tanauan? "I will build streetlights, churches, schools, roads…"

Benjo Amascual Cinco points out in the map the different provinces in Region 8.
Being introduced to the Regional Director of NEDA, he said he is Director Gosoco. And does he know what NEDA stands for? He said, National Economic Development Authority. Does he know other directors? Yes, he knows Director Ernie Hilvano of BFAR which stands he said for Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Yes, he does know the director of PIA which stands for Philippine Information Agency. He loves to repeat what Governor Petilla of Leyte once said at the Panindugan TV program. "We are the best."

Benjo as he is called by his parents, Rodrigo and Shiela Cinco, is now enrolled at the City Elementary School where his teacher is aware that he is a gifted child. His mother who is a home manager used to introduce to him the alphabet using anything seen in the house including vegetables. The mother said Benjo is playful just like any other child and she usually introduces a new thing to him even when he is playing. She noticed later on that Benjo easily retains what is taught of him.

What Sheila was not aware of was that she made the Mackenzie Learning Method, Rule #1, Mom Has Fun! which is a curiosity- based, judgment free, audio and visual feedback system that allows a person to see their impact, potential and brilliance and thus attract a more synchronised, fun and satisfying lifestyle. The method strengthens a person's emotional intelligence thus allowing him to live life in greater accordance with his essence and vitality.

He is very fond of watching educational television programs. He knows all the basketball players of NBA including who the most valuable player is. Asked whether he knows how to sing, he said yes and what it is would we like him to sing, English or Panhayhay. It turned out that he is also watching the local channels.

From watching the television, he knows the different tourist destinations of the Region and the whole country. Asked about the tourist destination of Region 8, he said Leyte has the MacArthur Shrine near the MacArthur Park Beach Resort with good accommodation, restaurant and bar.

Looking at a big map of Region 8, he pointed correctly and fast, each of the provinces, Southern Leyte, Eastern Samar, the capital of which he volunteered to inform is Borongan. He knows where Leyte is and where the capital of Leyte is and where his hometown Tanauan is.

He could add and subtract one digit numbers using his hands; for 2 to three digit numbers, he writes them and add and subtract the numbers using the right method. For multiplication, he uses an abacus.

He could speak English, Filipino and Waray, but when asked what the capital of Japan is, he said Tokyo and he uttered some Japanese words. When asked about the capital of China, he said Beijing and again, uttered some Chinese words.

Benjo plays just like any other seven year boys but he thinks like a boy who is older than his age.

One thing certain is that Benjo is born with a unique gift. People who recognize that gift must act upon it. There is a need for something new, something honouring this fast moving world, something that could bring out the best in this child's genius. (PIA 8)

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2006 SPC Homecoming organizers elated over success


July 20 , 2006

Elation over the success of the 2006 Grand Alumni Homecoming of St. Peter’s College (SPC) in Ormoc City, Leyte prevailed over the event’s organizers that succeeding plans for the next couple of years are set into motion as early as now.

The general reunion held last July 2, a week after the city fiesta, drew a good number of participants including some 63 members belonging to the SPC High School Batch 1981, the silver jubilarians for 2006 and event organizers for this year.

Ira Nieva P. Bantasan, Batch 1981 member, in an interview with spc1983.com, quoted Ms. Amparo Sacay, alumni coordinator of SPC saying that the 1981 batch has the most number of homecoming attendees among the silver jubilarian batches in the organization’s history of grand reunions.

Bantasan said the event started with a parade in the morning after which a Thanksgiving Mass was held at the SPC gymnasium officiated by Fr. Carlito Loreto, a silver jubilarian himself and now parish priest of Sta. Fe, Leyte.  A Friendship Basketball game followed the mass between players from batch 1981 and 1982.

The main event was held later in the evening at the Sabin Resort Hotel where awards were given and elections for the new set of officers of the alumni were also conducted.  Awarded Plaques of Recognitions were SPC mentors Ms. Felicidad Sia, Ms. Amparo Sacay, Ms. Maria Martinez, Ms. Lucita Tse, Mr. Crisologo Fabiona, Dr. Erlinda Orillano, Ms. Lydia Agujar, Ms. Teresita Tugonon, Ms. Ruth Molato, Ms. Estrella Cortes, Mr. Rodolfo Quirino, Ms. Melba Rojas, Ms. Rudine Alarde and Ms. Perla Sia.


Bantasan also disclosed that there were also awards given to the silver jubilarians with the most number of children. For the women, Grace Pedoy won the recognition with 8 children and for the men, Renato Garciano bested his buddies with 17 children.

Elected as the alumni new set of officers were President - Malen Larrazabal, Vice-President - Jingle Keirulf, Treasurer - Imelda Chu, Auditor- Bechu Yu-Quidlat, Secretary- Johanna Martinez, and PRO - Arnel Suico.

Mayor Eric Codilla who happened to be the then president of the alumni association gave the welcome address.  This was followed by an inspirational message of Sr. M. Susan
Abellana, OSB, SPC President, and closing message by Ms. Sacay. 

“Batch ‘78 was there pod mora sad to nila og reunion, there were about 20 of them.  Batch ‘82 members were of course present because they are the next silver jubilarians with more than 10 of them participated. Rodney Lladoc president of Batch ‘81 turned over the symbolic key to Perla Hermoso-Badajos, the president of Batch ’82,” Bantasan added.

Bantasan also said, "We have a number of balikbayan batch mates who were present: Mimi Omega, Agnes Larrazabal, Erwin Velasquez, Rogelia Bandalan, Jon-jon Eamiguel, Aster Con-ui and Julius Pongos. Others who are abroad but were not able to attend also shared their financial blessings for the event."

As early as today, Ms. Larrazabal of Batch ’82 as the new SPC alumni president, has already coordinated with Batch ’83, the silver jubilarians for the year 2008.  Their respective members have now started into motion preparations to ensure success for the general homecomings in 2007 and 2008.  Rhoel Dejaño of Batch ’83 has already called for an organizational meeting sometime this year to establish a head start for the affair about two years from now.

Meanwhile, Bantasan also told spc1983.com that their batch had an outing the following day, Sunday, July 3, at Mejia's Beach House in Brgy. Lili-on. She said, “Daghan sad mi didto. Since it was Sunday so others brought with them their family. Alegre sad mi. It was the time of Manny Pacqiuao's fight so the guys installed a TV gyud didto just so makakita ang tanan and after that nag-sing-along na dayon. Others were reminiscing the high school days and mga life's updates. Others also played mahjong and cards, drinking session sad. Of course, walay pu-as nga kaon, to the max gyod.”  mpsios-e

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DOLE announces P220 new minimum wage for Region 8


July 11 , 2006

Tacloban City (July 11) -– Even without petition for wage hike from any of the labor groups in Region 8, private sector workers in Region 8 will receive a P220.00 minimum wage rate before the end of the month. The minimum wage earners will receive a P32.00 increase in their basic pay.

A press release issued by the Philipiine Information Agency (PIA) Region 8 said this was announced by Department of Labor and Employment Region 8 Director Forter Pugoon who is also the chairman of the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board, in a media interaction this morning at the Harampang Ha PIA.

Director Pugoon said that the RTWPB in Region 8 unanimously decided to integrate the P18.00 cost of living allowance (COLA) to the basic pay of P188.00 and approved the amount of a P14.00 hike in the basic pay, under wage order number 13.

There were two other major things that the wage board decided to simplify the wage structure. Under the usual wage structure, under the non-agriculture sector there are a total 20 wage levels. This was simplified to make it to 8 rates only.

Another development in the wage board resolution is to undertake a strong promotion on productivity. The Board take cognizance of the support of the management-employer sector by the fact that the increase they recommended is the highest so far. In gratitude for the support to the workers, the Board decided that the employers must also be helped in making their workers more productive.

Director Pugoon said that the new wage rate is the result of the consensus made by the RTWPD right after the public consultations on July 4. He pointed out that the wage process was occasioned not by any petition for wage hike from any of the workers group. Rather, it is part their continuing task to evaluate for especially when there are information of increases in prices of oil, a continuing review of the economic data affecting the cost of living of the workers.

Sometime in May, the Board notice a marked impact of the oil price hikes on the cost of living so on June 16, the Board decided motu propio to call for a review of the wage rate.Two wage consultations were made, one in Ormoc City for the Leyte island and another at Catbalogan.

As a requirement of the law in any wage determination process, there must a public hearing preceded by a 15-day notice, so the public hearing was held on July 4, in the Board’s desire to make the process open and transparent.

Together with the Board Secretary Mr. Florencio Aguilos Jr., Director Pugoon emphasized that there is no exemption in the implementation of the new wage rate. He said that even the micro enterprises with less than ten employees, business suffering from at least 25% capital impairment and newly-set business that were established two years from the effectivity of the wage order. Now, they have to comply and implement the new wage order.

Luckily, Director Pugoon revealed that there is a very high percentage of compliance in Region 8. (PIA 8)

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Pintados Kasadyaan festival deemed a big success

June 30 , 2006

Tacloban City (June 30) -– Thousands of people from the different municipalities and provinces of Region 8 and other other places of the country trooped to the streets to witness the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival yesterday.

A press release issued by the Philippine Information Service (PIA) Region 8 said this year’s Festival was participated in by Sto Nino image, the Pintados Foundation as this year’s hermano, Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla and the officials of the Province of Leyte, Congresswoman Petilla and the local government officials.

The Pintados Festival was initiated by the Pintados Foundation twenty years ago while the Kasadyaan Festival was initiated by the Eastern Visayas Regional Tourism Council in 1996 at Ormoc City. The Pintados Foundation and the Kasadyaan Festival decided to stage the twin festivals several years ago.

This year’s Pintados Kasadyaan Festival is acclaimed as the grandest ever with the many participants not only in the Pintados festival, in the Kasadyaan Festival but also in the number of participating merrymakers and beautiful floats.

The 20th Pintados Festival grand prize was garnered by the Holy Infant College of Tacloban City Pintados Tribe which is also the recipient of the Best Choreography. The second prize was won by the San Jose National Highschool while the third place was won by Leyte National Highschool. The St. Therese High School won the best in costume award.

For the Kasadyaan Festival, the Hilongos Alikaraw Festival, the defending champion won the grand prize for the second time. Second place went to the Padul-ong Festival of Eastern Samar while the third place went to the Lingganay Festival of Alangalang, Leyte. The Jaro Festival won the 4th place while the Pasaka Festival of Tanauan got the fifth place.

For the merrymakers, the champion was the AMA Computer Learning Center while the second and third place went to Asian Development Foundation College and Sta. Lourdes School of Tabontabon, Leyte.

A picturesque and colorful fireworks display capped the day’s festivities. (PIA 8)

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SPC students get new ride

June 21 , 2006

Field trips in and outside of Ormoc city are now easier for the whole St. Peter's College (SPC) community with the acquisition of a brand new school bus earlier this year.

Dubbed the "holy bus" by the Ormoc Benedictine Community Sisters, the fully air-conditioned bus can accomodate almost 60 passengers mostly students, faculty and staff of SPC who, every now and then, must go on group tours as part of their scholastic activities.

According to sources at SPC, the bus arrived in Ormoc from a long trip all the way from St. Scholastica's College in Manila where it had its first blessing. On board were the Ormoc Benedictine sisters who also stopped over at the St. Agnes Academy in Legazpi City, Albay where a second blessing of the vehicle was made. There was a third blessing for the school bus when it arrived in Ormoc. This was done during the morning praise in the presence of the entire SPC community.

The same SPC sources said the school alumni group has expressed elation over this development.

A statement from SPC said "The school would like to thank most sincerely Sr. M. Constance Tingson, OSB, for helping Sr. M. Susan Abellana, OSB, and Sr. M. Remedios Noche, OSB, chose the kind of bus we like; Mother Prioress Mary John Mananzan, OSB, and the Priory Council for making it easier for us to realize our long-time dream."(mpsios-e with reports from annie of the spc personnel office)

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City Hall nears P168M collection goal

June 14 , 2006
by Emil Justimbaste


MAYOR Eric C. Codilla bared that he will hit his goal of collecting P168 million business taxes from different companies operating in Ormoc this year. The mayor made the announcement in his 43rd birthday party last June 7 at the family guesthouse, which was described as the most attended in his two-year governance with the presence of former political opponents.

The youthful mayor, who is described as Ormoc’s most active and hardworking chief executive with unsurpassed accomplishments, said that he is only 10% short of his target as Philippine National Oil Co. already paid its P152.6 million tax dues. Aside from this, he is also trying to collect taxes from the likes of Gaisano, Leyte-V Electric Cooperative and telecom companies to make the city less dependent on its Internal Revenue Allotment.

For the first time in Ormoc’s history, austerity measures were implemented under his leadership with the trimming of the bureaucracy to a bare minimum. Adhering to the business principle of earning more and spending less, Mayor Codilla believes that a family should not spend more than what it earns. With the end result of a stable financial position, he promises this will redound to more projects and developmental programs.

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Ormoc expects more local and foreign aid

June 8 , 2006
by: Emil Justimbaste

THE Ormoc government can expect a bus and fire truck from Taiwan after Dr. Hsin-Hsing Wu of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office advised Mayor Eric C. Codilla to make a formal request on these items.

The two officials met at a dinner tendered by Petron for the envoy last June 1 on the eve of the inauguration of two housing projects in Southern Leyte.

Dr. Wu recalls the Kaoshung bus his government donated to Ormoc after the 1991 flashflood and asked Mayor Codilla about it. The mayor replied that the vehicle was decommissioned last year along with the retirement of its driver. The ambassador then advised the mayor to write him a formal request for a bus and fire truck.

Kaoshung, the second biggest city in Taiwan, continues to donate second-hand buses to other countries. Cebu is a frequent recipient of these buses with five units to be shipped to that city next month. Petron Chairman Ignacio Alcantara who accompanied the ambassador also advised Mayor Codilla to send him a formal request for a three-classroom school building worth P2.5 million to be built at Linao High School which is a next-door neighbor of their bulk plant in Ormoc.

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New campus opens in Ormoc

June 8 , 2006
by Emil Justimbaste


OFFICIALS of Baybay Institute of Technology Foundation, Inc. (BIT) inaugurated their new campus in Ormoc last June 4. Located at the second floor of a commercial building at the corner of F. Ablen and Lilia Ave. in Cogon, the campus will have three big and two medium-sized classrooms.

The big classrooms will accommodate 40-50 students while the medium-sized can hold 20-30 students. The vocational institution will offer one to two-year courses on Nautical (seafarer course specializing in deck rating, engine rating and stewarding), Licensed Practical Nursing, Caregiver, and Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Technology.

Baybay Sangguniang Bayan Member and BIT President Vicente Veloso said the Ormoc campus was realized 12 years after the school’s establishment in Baybay. He credits former City Councilor Ruvinieu Mendola who owns the building where the campus is housed establishment for convincing the school Board of Trustees to expand here.

Nautical students here will take their lessons in the Ormoc campus but will have to go to the main campus in Baybay town to use the laboratory. But Veloso concedes that BIT-Baybay might surpass its main campus which is why setting up labs in Ormoc is part of their plan.

Veloso takes pride that their school offers realistic courses that would help students land on jobs abroad. He cited their Practical Nursing which leads to a profession that is very in demand in the US. By focusing more on major subjects, students are able to finish the course in two years time.

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Government assists 125 district scholars

June 8 , 2006
by Emil Justimbaste


LEYTE 4th Dist. Rep. Eufrocino M. Codilla Sr. is assisting 125 college students through various scholarship programs. Congressional staff Delia Borinaga bared that the solon has 40 slots in the I-Care (Invigorating Constituent Assistance in Reinforcing Employment) scholarship program of which he set aside P500,000.

The Commission on Higher Education, on the other hand, has 55 scholars in the district which the congressman also assists. Of the 55 scholars, 40 of them are entitled to four-year educational assistance and the rest will enjoy assistance only up to one year.

Rep. Codilla also provided counterpart funding for the Private Education Student Funda Assistance (Pesfa) of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda). There are 20 scholars of Pefsa who will take two-year technical and vocational courses in Tesda-accredited schools. Each of them will receive P7,500 per semester for their tuition fees, books and monthly stipend.

Meanwhile, Borinaga said the 413 participants of Rep. Codilla’s Free Summer School Program are certified as Technical and Vocational Education and Training graduates by Tesda which entitles them to become trainers themselves in future skills development programs of the congressman wherein they will receive incentives.

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SPC Batch 1981 to host 2006 Homecoming

May 10, 2006


The movers for this year's St. Peter's College Grandl Alumni Homecoming are calling on representatives from the various SPC high school batches to coordinate with the organizers regarding the attendance of their respective classmates.

Ira Nieva P. Bantasan, a member of the SPC 1981 high school batch which is organizing the homecoming, told SPC1983.com that the batches' representatives need to come up with a list of their respective batch mates who are expected to join the big event on July 1, 2006.

Bantasan said Batch 1981 held numerous committee meetings in preparation of the event which is usually held every year on the first Saturday right after the Ormoc City Fiesta celebration on June 29 in honor the patron saints of the city, Sts. Peter and Paul.

"We need to have the list of those attending the homecoming so that as organizers, our batch could properly coordinate with the caterer of the event which will be held at the Rose Ballroom of the Sabin Resort Hotel at 7:00 in the evening," Bantasan added.

She is encouraging any alumnus to get hold of his or her batch mates and help in the dissemination of important information regarding the general homecoming. The Silver Jubilarians of the year is tasked to host that particular year's celebration. mpsios-e

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New Fatima building ready for action


May 27, 2006


The Mother of the Redeemer Parish (Fatima Church) in Cogon, Ormoc City, inaugurated its newly contructed Parish Pastoral Center and Multi-Purpose Building last May 12, 2006 in time for the 22nd annual fiesta celebration of the parish which came on the following day.

Zoom ................................................................Zoom

This was revealed to SPC1983.com by Enrique "Eking" Caberos, secretary to Fr. Abraham "Abe" T. Palaña, Fatima parish priest. Caberos said it took the parish only five months to construct the multi-purpose building starting with a seed money of P60,000 collected during the various Misas de Gallo in December, 2005.

Caberos said parish leaders led by Fr. Abe immediately sat down and planned for the construction even with the uncertainty of where to find the rest of the budget which is over 30 times the initial amount they got. "Eventually, through the kindness of the numerous donors of the parish, we raised about a million pesos to defray the already increasing construction costs. God has been generous to us," He added.

For his part, Fr. Abe thanked those who helped with their donations. However, he said, the parish still needs the financial assistance of those who are willing to help since the church has still an unsettled account with creditors amounting to P1 million or roughly $18.000. "Your financial aid will surely go a long way as regards the completion of this project," Fr. Abe explained.

Earlier this year, the parish also tapped the assistance of Mrs. Luz Kempeneers Raden of SPC High School Batch 1976 in getting financial support from benefactors in Belgium, where she is now residing, and from other places abroad.


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Fatime Project
Fr. Abe Palaña has requested Spcian '76 Luz Kempeneers Raden to help seek financial donations from benefactors abroad
In a letter by Fr. Palaña to prospective donors, he said, "This project has become necessary now more than ever considering the growth of religious groups and organizations within the parish that urgently need facilities for their regular meetings, seminars, etc."


Despite the building's formal blessing and inauguration this month, Kempeneers Raden said new donations are still being accepted by the parish through its China Bank account in Ormoc city. Those wishing to support the project may contact the parish office through telephone number (63) 053-255-3123 or 053-561-0914. She also said new donations can still be used for the finishing touches and overdue salaries of construction workers.

The P2 million pastoral center building,was designed by Architect Edmund Parilla and supervision of the construction was done by Cabreros himself. The site is located just at the back of the convent, the land donated by the Aviles family of Ormoc City.

The second floor is a multi-function hall for meetings,seminars, small conventions, parties, and others. It could accomodate 200 to 250 people in a theatre-type set-up or between 150 to 200 guests in a party-type affair. It has also its own Ramsa sound system, LCD projector, DVD/VCD plauer for audio-visual needs. The ground floor can be utilized for small meetings and functions of the parish, the various religious organizations in the parish could also make use of the facilities.

A minimal charge is required for users to sustain the operation and maintenance of the building in terms of honorariums of the workers, electric bills, and others. The parish belongs to the Archdiocese of Palo, Leyte.

Meanwhile, Caberos also expressed sadness over the untimely demise of Fr. Alfredo Colon, Fatima assistant parish priest, who died last April 25 of cancer. The late Fr. Fredo also once studied at St. Peter's College before he entered the seminary. His death came just a month before the annual Fatima Parish fiesta and the new building's formal blessing and inauguration. mpsios-e


SPCian1983 Yahoo Group grows

January 21 , 2007 (updated)


The SPCian 1983 Yahoo Group created by Ken Q has added two more members to its fold with the signing up of Wilson Cataag and Ramon Ferrer. This development brings to 58 the present online members of the group created earlier this year.

More pictures were also recently added to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SPCian1983/,
the group site. The SPCian 1983 Yahoo Group members have expressed optimism that more alumni of the St. Peter's College High School Batch 1983 would sign up as part of the group that has been receiving a lot of messages and photo contributions over the past months.

Aside from the two new members, among those who signed up include Glenn Tugonon, Mercy Tampus-Milan, Rhoel Dejaño, Roel Punzalan, Shalimar On-Patalinghug, Rigel Arcayan, Corazon Caparoso, Goito Yraztorza, Irene Peñaranda-Parilla , Mauro Sios-e, Rowena Valencia-Ceniza, Gemma Ymas, Liliven Arcayan, Alfred Alfaro, Rachel Conejos, Margaret Sia-Modequillo, Tino Rañon, Teodoro Franco Omega, Ken Q, Maila Lasam-Martin, Marlon Aquino, Mary Eileen Martinez, Lynette Tan, Beth Q, Emmanuel "Anggoy" Villaluz, Flora Cadeong Noya, Sixto Ymas, Genoveva Alkuino-Ymas, Aniceta Larrazabal-Aviles, Rebecca Muñoz-Abad, Ma. Consuelo Muñoz-Tan, Nicolas "Nicky Boy" Pongos and honorary member Malen Larrazabal of SPC Batch 1982 . The other names of those who signed after July, 2006 will be released soon.

Those interested to join may simply click the SPCian 1983 Yahoo Group link at the SPC1983.com website and follow the very simple membership activation process.

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Shalimar schedules christening   of twins 


March 15, 2006

Christening for the twin daughters of Frank and Shalimar Patalinghug is tentatively scheduled for May, this year pending arrival of the father from work abroad.

This was revealed to SPC1983.com by the former Shalimar On, a member of the high school batch 1983 of the Saint Peter's College of Ormoc City, Leyte.

Twins for ShalimarShalimar, who is fondly called Imay by friends, gave birth to Alexine and Maxine in  December 30, 2005 at the Ormoc Sugar Planters' Association (OSPA) hospital at 12:50 p.m. and 12:51 p.m., respectively by ceasarian section.  She said they are identical twins with Alexine weighing  5.1 pounds and Maxine, 0.3 pounds heavier at birth.

The twins added to the number of children the Patalinghug couple already have. The other children are Janelle Marie, 11 years; Anne Frances, 9 and Kyle Angelo, 7. Imay said, "It is very challenging to take care of twins. It's very tiring especially now that they are still very little but I get help from my mother and "kasambahay."  She added, it's costly too with the expenses times two.

"From the milk to the diapers, to the dresses, even the cost of the doctor and their immunization are times two! But my husband and I don't mind the expenses because we consider them both blessings from God," Imay said.

The SPC HS Batch 1983 member told SPC1983.com that as parents, they are really working hard to at least give all their children comfortable lives. mpsios-e

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New Ormoc schools down SPC enrollment

March 15, 2006


The entry of more private schools in Ormoc City, Leyte has greatly affected the number of students enrolled at the Saint Peter's College. This was revealed by Sister Maria Roseve Balagat of the Order of Saint Benedict (OSB) in an interview with Internet Radio SPC1983 recently.

Sr. Roseve, who heads another Benedictine school in the province of Albay, said the rate of decline in the enrollment at SPC is alarming due to the influx of new private schools in the city.

Recent schools that have opened in Ormoc City are Morning Star, Immaculate Conception School, Kinderland to name a few. In college, the new schools are STI, AMLC, San Lorenzo College and Syntacs Computer College.

Sr. Roseve, who once handled Biology and Religion classes at SPC in the early 1980s, called on the school alumni to help in whatever capacity to alleviate the problem. "The school administration there is doing something about the situation like setting up a foundation for scholarships for students who would like to study at SPC and other initiatives to attract more students,"  Sr. Roseve  told Internet Radio SPC1983.

The former SPC mentor said other Benedictine schools in the country have also suffered a decrease in the number of enrolled students but not as much as those experienced by SPC. Sr. Roseve attributed the decrease in enrollment in the other schools to the present economic crisis saying however that this has resulted only in a minimal decline like 5 to 50 students. 

No figures were immediately available from SPC on the number of enrolled students particularly for the current school year.   (mpsios-e with reports from sopatalinghug from ormoc)

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  Gang of Four creates mini-chaos at international airport  

March 15, 2006


With a stroke of luck, four members of the Saint Peter's College High School Batch 1983 were finally able to be together even for less than an hour at one of the world's busiest airport last January.

Ken Q, moderator of the SPCian1983 Yahoo Group, said Maila Lasam-Martin, Ethel Navera-Pimentel, Rhoel Dejaño, and himself were able to rendezvous at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City under what he calls a very challenging  situation.

In an email message to SPCian1983 Yahoo group members, Ken said this all started with initial phone calls among Maila, Rhoel and himself. Rhoel who had just visited Ken in Toronto, Canada in December of last year, convinced Ken to reciprocate the visit with a trip to the Big Apple where he was vacationing at that time.

Gang of Four"I was unsure at first considering work and all, but due to persistent pleas from Maila who is based in New York City and the assurance from Ethel that she could join the meeting despite her own work schedule as an international flight stewardess, I finally agreed, " Ken recalled.

Ken continued saying that he had no choice but to drive with his family all the way from Toronto to New York City in about 11 hours in full winter. The Yahoo SPCian1983 group moderator told group members that the planned meeting was really likely to fail as there were many things that could go wrong.

"You see," Ken explained, "the four of us would have to meet at a very tight timeframe. We have to consider Ethel's flight arrival and Rhoel's departure flight at the same airport which was less than 60 minutes apart."

SPC1983.com learned that right after that long border crossing drive from Toronto; Ken, his wife, Beth and Maila went directly to JFK airport where they found Ethel still directing her passengers as they disembarked from a flight from London in the United Kingdom.

For her part, Maila had to deal with her work schedule to secure some time off. Rhoel had to cut short his visit to his relatives in Rhode Island so he could be at the JFK for the mini-reunion and departure back to the Philippine islands. Ethel had to swap some working flights with a colleague so she could be at JFK at the right time. Ken and his family had to brave the winter elements of the more than 500 miles drive. A single car breakdown could spell disaster. "We were really about to cancel the mini-reunion two days before the scheduled date due to various conflicts in schedule," Ken admitted.

The small group wasted no time in proceeding to another terminal where Rhoel's departure flight was assigned. Ken said, "As typical in a crowd, the cheers, hugs, kisses, picture-taking were very much in the air, not to mention the compromises made regarding which pictures to share with the public for the most obvious reasons."  Adding to the mini-bedlam was  Corazon Caparoso, another member of the SPC HS Batch 1983 based in Singapore,  who called Ken's cellphone to inform him of her North American itinerary.

According to an independent witness on the scene who spoke to SPC1983.com on condition of anonymity, the group made no effort in hiding their excitement even when they already attracted a lot of attention from the arriving passengers. mpsios-e

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