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Featured Picture of the WeeK!

Pinoy Hummer

Photo Courtesy of
Rigel Arcayan


A frontal take would have clearly shown a mock-up of the Hummer off-roader vehicle.  Just like the rest of the country, Ormoc City has produced some samples of ingenuity of modern wonders.  Prices of the original ones are really beyond the reach of many Filipinos, so a copy of the real McCoy would have to do for those who dream of owning this kind of truck now made available to the civilian market.  A downside though is that the copycat does not have the same horse power, torque and pulling capacity as the true blooded Hummer with the added feature of increased level of luxury. This photo taken in Ormoc sometime in 2002 would suggest that by now, an “improved” version of the Pinoy hummer would be cruising the city streets and the muddy barrio roads up in the farmlands of Ormoc. You want to own an imit? Ask around among the body shops in the city and perhaps you would be lucky to commission a local craftsman to do the job. (mpsios-e)

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