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Who Are We?


..................We are former pupils and students of Saint Peter's College who belong to the elementary school batch 1979 and high school batch 1983. Most of us left SPC as graduates of that school while a few finished elementary and high school in other institutions.

                  Today, our group membership includes those who were with us even for a few years. We laughed, cried and yes, studied with them when they were under the tutelage of SPC. Our alma mater is a Benedictine-run college founded in 1914 by a diocesan priest, the late Father Ismael Cataag. SPC is located in the beautiful city by the bay, Ormoc, in the island of Leyte, Philippines.

                   Most of us were born shortly before, during, and shortly after the year 1966 making the year 2006 as the year we consider as the start of our life if ever there is truth to the saying that life begins at 40.

                True or false, our Internet Radio SPC1983; www.spc1983.com; and SPCian1983 Yahoo Group indeed aptly started this year, 2006. Whether or not we can continue these ambitious projects or fall to the trap of ningas cogon remains to be seen. All these largely depend on the general membership of the batch.

                     ..Today, we have members who call North America as their home while a few consider the place as a temporary adventure. Others are in Asian cities and even in the Australian continent. A good number of our batch mates are in other provinces of the Philippines due to work or marriages.

                   The most envied of all are those who remained loyal to the province particularly the city of Ormoc. They have the luxury of hometown advantage, getting all the support from very close friends and relatives. They can leave the city to visit far-away places to relieve the boredom of home. But they come back to the beckoning comfort of familiar territory.

                   However, wherever we are, we are still Benedictine children not so much in a religious way, though we are very much proud of that fact, but having an identity which has a rich connotation of closeness and camaraderie; and of loyalty and steadfast yearning to be reunited again, even for a day, every once in a while.  Ladies and gentlemen, we are the boys and girls of the SPC High School Batch 1983.

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